Friday, April 29, 2005

The Power of Nightmares 2

Some random thoughts on the second part of The Power of Nightmares. The second part tells the story of christian fundamentalists (religious right) taking over the Republican party, it describes the failure of islamic revolutions in Algeria and Egypt. And it describes the series of false accusations against President Clinton orchestrated by a group of neo-cons.

One of the hypocricies of neocons that is evident (though it's not mentioned explicitly in the film) - they believed that myths are vital to ensure the stability of the society and strong values of liberalism were dangerous and harmful. At the same time, stability of the Middle East was seen as unimportant and they acted as if enforcing the values of democracy and freedom by ousting Saddam Hussein was the only right course of action, no matter what the practical consequences are. I don't like the world where people who are so mentally sick have power.

The film is too objective, in my view. The problem is that in addition to being objective in presenting the facts and opinions it is also objective in presentation. It would be much easier perceptually if they clearly stated that some groups are sick and evil. Of course, that would not make any sense in the context of neocons making similar accusations wrongly. :) On second thought, it's refreshing to watch and objective film that not only allows, but practically forces the viewer to make his own moral and ethical judgements. Even though it is probably more comforting to watch Michael Moore's emotionally loaded films, rationally I appreciate the balanced and objective presentation of BBC more.

It's interesting that while stupid people believe that they understand the world and act on it, smart people realise that they don't fully understand the complexities of the world. There is a correct answer, but it is much harder to arrive at it than at wrong ones. Most forces are evil forces that are battling each other fighting for their false ideals.

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