Saturday, April 30, 2005

Great learning resources

I was reading Cool Tools by Kevil Kelly (founder of Wired). He really does have a lot of extremely cool and useful stuff. Some of the great finds:
  • The Teaching Company - audio lectures by some of the best professors on a variety of topics. Expensive, but probably worth it. Alternatively, search on eDonkey2000 network, many lectures are available there.
  • IT Conversations - recordings of important speeches (from conferences, lectures and the like) by IT industry figures (and not only).
  • Baraka - "A cinematic poem celebrating the human relation to the eternal. Not a word is spoken, but every person alive in the twenty-four countries this was filmed in would understand it. It’s about Us on Earth Now. It’s the first truly sacred film I’ve seen". Would be interesting to watch it...

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