Friday, April 29, 2005

Fan service

I just finished watching Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. A great film, like everything by Hayao Miyazaki. Was funny and cool to see regular "fan-service".

Technically Nausicaa is wearing pants in the film, but they are surprisingly close to skin-tone and are tight-fitting (unlike pants that all other characters wear). :) The authors even had to clarify that in the FAQ. The following gratitious shot one was really exhilarating. :)

Sadly, some people are so sexually repressed that they have a fit when seeing these innocent images. They probably consider it hardcore porn or something. In endless discussions they debate whether it is appropriate or not to show some animated character naked or in a titillating pose. Stupid. IMO, there is nothing wrong whatsoever with an innocent bathing scene (from My Neighbour Totoro).

And so what if someone gets the kicks from that, or from gratitious panty shots.

People are funny. :)

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שינוי ממעלה שניה said...

what would we do without anime fanservice...
fanservice spice up the show