Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Map of All Science

All knowledge mapped

In 2002 Kevin Boyack and Katy Börner created a Map of All Science. This map was based of citation and other data from 7121 scientific journals. All scientific fields were grouped according to the citations between the clusters. Not surprisingly, the map makes a lot of sense.

Enjoy the map, read the presentation and think of any gaps in your knowledge you need to fill. It sure feels nice to know that the field of human knowledge is comprehensible. Even if I can't read every single journal that was used in this project, at least I can now get the "Big picture".

Original article: Mapping the Backbone of Science. Scientometrics, 2005. 64(3), 351-374

Look at this map as it was designed for Places & Spaces or look below for a simplier and clearer version.

Connections between scientific fields

Exercise for the reader: think about how NBIC-convergence could be displayed on the map or how super-technologies can be overlayed on this map.