Sunday, August 07, 2005


Just watched and listened to the Animusic - a video music-driven computer animation. It's a 30-minute video, with seven different animations.

Future Retro

Harmonic Voltage

It's very original, both music and animation are very good. Short clips can be downloaded from the Animusic website. ATi has a real-time version of "Pipe Dream" and the video version. The DVD can also be downloaded from eDonkey network.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Your download link won't work. I was looking for that Animusic thing to where I didn't have to by it. I got soo excited when I saw that you had it I got on your site write away! Now it's just another stupid site that can't make their links work properly!!!

Danila said...

My dear angry freeloader. All links work, you just have to have some ed2k p2p application (eMule, for example) installed for ed2k:// links to work.

Anonymous said...

Saw it on PBS during a local fundraiser. It was in HD and I am fortunate to have an excellent home theater with Dolby digital. Harmonic Voltage is a standout peice. In an era where we are forced to call jokes like Eminem, Kid Rock, P-Diddy, Kayne and others "Artists", we get a chance to experience real art. A marvelous carnival of uplifting sights and sounds.